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Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

If you are planning on listing  your home for sale, it’s probably safe to say that you want it to sell as quickly as possible.  Here are a few tips for upgrading and staging your home to help you see results fast – without spending a fortune!

1.  Boost Curb Appeal. Once your home is listed, many potential buyers will do a drive-by before making an appointment to determine if the spot is even worth a look inside. Curb appeal will greatly impact a buyer’s first impression of a home.  Make yours look it’s best by doing the following:

  • Power wash siding and walkways
  • Plant blooming flowers and add fresh mulch
  • Mow the lawn and reseed or add fresh sod as needed
  • Wash the windows
  • Repaint or stain the porch floor if needed
  • Clean the scuff marks off the front door and give it a fresh coat of paint if needed
  • Make the front porch look inviting with a clean doormat, potted plants, and/or neat porch furniture

2.  Make Your House Sparkle.  A squeaky-clean house is one of the easiest and least-expensive ways to get your home looking it’s best.  Hire professionals if you need to, but don’t skip this important step.  Everything from the floors and windows to counter tops and grout should be scrubbed and sparkling!

3.  Remove the Clutter.  Kitchen and bathroom counters should be as clear as possible (remove your Kitchen Aid Mixer, air fryer, bread machine, and any other gadgets taking up space), tuck away all of your kid’s artwork that is displayed on your fridge, toys should be neatly stored and out of sight, and  any unnecessary “stuff” laying around should be removed.  It may even be worthwhile to utilize offsite storage because buyers WILL open closets and cupboards!  If you’re going to be moving a lot of stuff out of your house for the sale, consider renting a POD storage locker — you fill it up at your house, it gets carted away, stored and delivered to your new home when you move in!

4.  Tackle the Living Room.  In the living room, symmetrical arrangements usually work well.  Pull your furniture off the walls and use pairs (of sofas, chairs, lamps) to create an inviting conversation area.  Invest in some new throw pillows for the couch, and consider getting an area rug to bring the room together.  Hide any wires from your TV/stereo/speakers.

5.  Spruce Up the Bathrooms.  Remove any toiletries that are on display, invest in some new towels, replace grungy shower curtains and rugs, and consider purchasing some inexpensive accessories such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders.

6.  Create a Gender-neutral Master Bedroom.  You can’t go wrong with clean, crisp linens in neutral colors.  Be sure your bedrooms are also clear of clutter,  personal items and photos.

7.  Use “Extra” Rooms Wisely.  If you have been using an extra room as a storage space or playroom, it’s time to re-purpose it!  Consider what potential buyers would like to see here, whether it may be an office, child’s bedroom, or guest bedroom, and make it a usable space.  You may want to purchase inexpensive furnishings, rent them, or borrow some from friends.

8.  Remove Pets and Pet Orders.  This is an important step!  Have your carpets and rugs steam cleaned and spend extra time vacuuming and washing surfaces.  Take your pet out of the home during showings and hide any toys/doggie bones.

9.  Focus on the Entrance.  You want the first impression of the inside of your house to be a good one, so the entrance is a critical area!  Make sure it is clean, decluttered, and inviting.

10.  Think Seasonally.  Spend a weekend making your garden look beautiful in the spring/summer, and make sure any extra features your home has, such as a pool or fire pit, are cleaned and ready to go.  Rake the leaves in the fall, and shovel the walk in the winter as needed.


These tips will definitely make your home stand out from the competition. Your realtor will be able to help you set the right list price so that you can get top dollar while still being competitive in the market!


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