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What to Do, What to Do…

If your head is not currently buried in the sand, then you know all about the panic over the coronavirus.  The media has been stressing that everyone avoid large crowds at all costs in order to contain the virus and to prevent the spread of it.  So what on earth are we all to do, stuck at home for the next…who knows how long???  Here are a few ideas to keep you from total boredom!


  • Refresh your space with seasonal decor.  We sprang ahead last weekend, the temperatures are slowly rising, and spring is right around the corner.  Why not get out some colorful, cheery decorations to lighten the mood?  Flowers, pastel candles, some Easter candy in a pretty dish, a new frame for your favorite family phone, some brightly colored pillows for your sofa — it doesn’t take much to create a spring vibe in your home!
  • Try a new recipe.  What does everyone tend to do when they are bored?  Eat!  Now is the perfect time to experiment with some new recipes!
  • Try a coloring app.  Adult coloring books are available in stores and mobile app stores!  Colorfy and Happy Color are popular apps to try out.
  • Go for a walk.  The fresh air and exercise will boost your mood, and it will feel good to get out of the house for a change of scenery.
  • Organize something.  Maybe don’t take on a huge project–no need to get overwhelmed and stress yourself out!  Start with something small…your pantry, your closet, your old photos–and get rid of things you no longer need or want.
  • Wash your windows.  Why not get a jump start on your spring cleaning?  Even if it ends up being a rainy weekend, work on getting the insides cleaned.
  • Do your laundry.  When was the last time you washed the throw blankets you cuddle up with on the sofa?  Or the towels in the guest bathroom, sheets on the guest bed, etc?  Now is as good a time as any!
  • Disinfect your child’s backpack and lunchbox.  These are typically things we don’t think to do on a daily basis.  Take a Lysol wipe to backpacks and lunchboxes.  You know they are full of germs!  Do the same with your purses and any other items you leave on public surfaces.
  • Listen to music.  Or even better–play some music!  Grab your guitar, take a seat at the piano, or create a new Spotify playlist.  Music is an excellent way to pass the time.
  • Plan your next vacation.  At some point (hopefully very soon!) this virus will have passed, and we will all feel safe to go about our lives as usual.  Take some time to look online for travel destinations, and start making plans!

Keeping busy can hopefully help us all to keep calm.   Of course, practice good hygiene, eat your fruits and veggies, and do what you can to boost your immune system!


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