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Spring is Almost Here!

As you probably know, the first day of spring falls this year on Wednesday, March 20th.  Did you know, however, that this years Spring Equinox will feature a super moon?  This only happens three times per century, on average!  The super moon is slightly bigger and brighter than a full moon.  So get out and enjoy the bright sky Wednesday night!


The Equinox marks more than just the beginning of spring.  It is also the day that the sun rises and sets directly due east and due west.  It’s the day when the sun moves across the sky in a laser-straight line.  And the days and nights are (close to) equal for people across the world. For the Northern Hemisphere this will be the first full moon of spring; for the Southern Hemisphere, the first full moon of autumn.  Let’s hope the ushering in of spring brings warmer weather!



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