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Keep Your Home Cool in Extreme Heat

We all saw it coming.  We knew the cool temps and abundant rain wouldn’t last all summer.  Now the heat wave is here, and along with it, high humidity.  As uncomfortable as it can be to go outside on the extremely hot and humid days, there are measures we can take to keep our homes cool and working efficiently.  Check out these tips–small changes can make a big difference!


  1.  Get an A/C tune-up.  Having an HVAC professional inspect your air conditioning unit will help keep it functioning at full capacity.  An inspection will include things like checking refrigerant levels and adding it if needed, cleaning the condensing coils, and testing your ductwork for air leaks.  The harder your A/C unit has to work, the higher your utility bills will be, so it’s best to have it inspected on a fairly regular basis.  It’s also a good idea to replace your filters every month and clear away any obstructions (plants, debris, etc) that could interfere with the operation of the compressor.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat.  Programmable thermostats can help you save on utility bills by running less frequently (or at a warmer temp) at times of the day when the house is unoccupied, or during the cooler times of the day.
  3. Insulate your attic.  Proper insulation makes a big difference not only in keeping cold weather out in the winter, but in guarding against the heat as well.
  4. Install an attic door cover.  Most of the heat that seeps out of the attic comes through the hatch or staircase used to access the attic.  Adding a door cover will greatly reduce the amount of heat that flows through into the rest of the house.
  5. Use a dehumidifier.  A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, leaving the house feeling cooler and dryer.  It also helps to get rid of musty odors caused by humidity.  It can be especially helpful in areas such as the basement or lower level of your house.
  6. Don’t cook in the oven.  On extra hot days, cook outdoors on your grill,  use a crock pot, air fryer, or order take-out!  If you have to use your oven, try to cook either before noon or late in the evening rather than during the highest heat of the day.
  7. Use natural light and high-efficiency lighting.  Did you know that a traditional 100 watt light bulb can increase the heat by 11 degrees per hour in a small room?!  Take advantage of the longer daylight hours or use LED light bulbs for better efficiency.
  8. Close your blinds and curtains.  Keeping your blinds/curtains closed from late morning to early evening can keep your room 10-15 degrees cooler!
  9. Plant shade.  Trees and foliage that provide shade around your windows can also keep your temperatures cooler while adding beauty to your landscaping!
  10. Invest in better windows.  Double-pane windows can actually trap heat before it flows into your home.  Replacement windows, which have a low emissivity rating, are even more heat-resistant because the glass is coated with a transparent UV-blocking compound.


Here is the forecast, according to the Detroit Free Press, July 19th:


CURRENTLY IN: DETROIT, MICHIGANImage result for sun images


Feels like 84°

Partly cloudy

Wind 9mph SSW
Humidity 83%



Partly sunny, very hot; a strong thunderstorm late this afternoon; extreme heat can be dangerous
Wind 9mphThunderstorms: 95%
Precip 0.15 in



A strong thunderstorm this evening; otherwise, mostly cloudy; very warm, very humid
Wind 5mphThunderstorms: 95%
Precip 0.15 in

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