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Early Spring!

With all of the doom and gloom going on around the world right now, you may not have realized that today is the first day of spring!  March 19th is the earliest that the spring equinox has fallen in over a century.  The last time spring arrived this early was in 1896!  On the March equinox day and night are close to equal.

How can we celebrate the beginning of spring while under quarantine???  Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Try standing an egg on its end.  According to folklore, during the March equinox you can stand a raw egg on its end.  The origins of the folklore come from stories of the ancient Chinese creating egg displays on the first day of spring.  Give the kids a chance to experiment by setting up a few and seeing how long they stay standing!
  • Observe nature.  We may be confined to our homes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get outside!  Go for a walk and watch the birds, see if you can spot any flowers starting to bloom, look in your garden to see if any worms or grubs are starting to appear.
  • Plan your garden, and/or start some seeds indoors.  A lot of seeds can be started indoors, such as tomatoes and peppers.  Root vegetables, on the other hand, do not transfer well and should be started outdoors.  While the kids are home from school it will be fun to help take care of seeds and watch them start to grow!
  • Plan a backyard party.  Ok, maybe you can’t invite your friends at this time, but have a party with your immediate family!  Clean off the grill and have a BBQ, or pack up a picnic basket and find a nice spot on the lawn.  You will probably need a jacket this weekend if you are in Michigan, but the fresh air will still feel good.
  • Get a head start on your spring cleaning.  With many of us having lots of extra time at home for the next few weeks, and everyone being extra paranoid about germs, give your house a good deep cleaning!  It might not be the most fun way to pass the time, but it will feel great when it’s done!
  • Go for a scenic hike.  Keep your distance from other people who may be out, but a walk or bike ride on a trail in your area will do your body and mind some good.

Green Leafed Trees


Variety Of Green Plants

Shallow Focus Photography of Green Tree

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